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01 Feb
Native vrs Progressive Web Apps

Native vrs Progressive Web Apps

Mobile application development - do you build Native Mobile Applications for IOS, Android and Windows platforms using frameworks such as Xamarin, Appsheet, Appcelerator and Flutter, amongst others or do you build progressive web applications (PWA) using various Javascript frameworks including Vue.js and React, for cost effective mobile alternatives. Read further to understand the difference.

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01 Jan

Vue.js vrs React.js - Why the demand?

Vue.js and React.js are frontend JavaScript frameworks, popular in the software development world. Features such as virtual DOM, view libraries, small framework size, libraries for mobile application development, ease of use and flexibility make Vue.js and React.js popular, in demand, and in the top rankings when looking for a JavaScript framework.

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01 Dec
Mobile App Development Trends - 2021

Mobile App Development Trends - 2021

This blog covers mobile application development trends for 2021 such as: Mobile app development software using AI which allows high-end security with facial/speech recognition, as well as chatbots; eCommerce solutions such as mobile wallets; on demand apps for smart phones, including flip phones.

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15 Nov
What is Bagisto

What is Bagisto?

This blog looks at Bagisto, which is an open-source, free eCommerce platform, built on top of Laravel (a PHP framework) and Vue.js (a progressive JavaScript framework), offering a complete eCommerce solution to online shop needs.

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