5 reasons to use Drupal as your CMS.

There are a variety of CMS platforms available, and people often ask the question, "Which CMS should I use?" Of course every CMS has merits but here are five reasons we believe Drupal is THE preferable CMS platform for website development.

Highly Scalable

Drupal powers more than a million sites worldwide. Big enterprises, like GE and Pfizer rely on Drupal to perform under high traffic conditions

Drupal's scalability means it can manage the largest and highest traffic sites in the world. Sites that experience daily high traffic like weather.com, and sites that see periodic spikes in traffic like GRAMMY Awards and NBC, all use Drupal to ensure scalability as traffic and content grows.


Drupal is a proven, secure CMS and application framework that stands up to the most critical internet vulnerabilities in the world to prevent the worst from happening. Drupal is mature, stable and designed with robust security in mind. Organizations around the world - including The Whitehouse, NASA, CERN and the London Government- rely on Drupal for mission critical sites and applications, testing its security against the most stringent standards. A dedicated security team, along with a large professional service provider ecosystem, and one of the largest developer communities in the world, ensure rapid response to issues. 


Tools for Business, with NO Limitations

Drupal doesn’t dictate to the business; the business dictates what it needs from Drupal. Too many CMS platforms impose their will on your business, forcing you to conform to their way of doing things. Drupal acts the opposite way: use Drupal to create a solution that supports your specific business needs. Drupal creates a foundation for limitless solutions.  

Cost Effective

Drupal is 100% FREE and can be installed without the hassle of purchasing any license or recurring fees. It comes with the option of choosing from a variety of modules and third-party integrations that can be used for developing a website. This makes it an affordable content management framework featuring an enormous amount of options free of charge. 


Drupal is one of the top three most popular content management systems in the world. It has a longstanding history dating back to 2001 and is currently in version 8. Since it is open source, any web developer can work on it and with a dedicated community of over a million, it is well supported globally.