The importance of Drupal Maintenance and Security

Many incorrectly think that maintaining a Drupal site is all about content management, user administration and configurations. Although not incorrect – this is incomplete.

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a Drupal site is keeping it up to date with the latest security and contributed module updates.

Although Drupal is a very secure platform, it is not untouchable by hackers or spam robots. The security of the platform comes from it being an open-source platform, which has a team of security experts ever looking for vulnerabilities or weaknesses in the core and contributed modules. Once identified, very soon, a patch/security update for the affected modules/core is released by the Drupal Security Team.

From here on it is the responsibility of the Drupal site owner to make use of the released updates. And, it doesn’t matter whether you have a small or large project – spam robots target anything. The problem is – that once security releases are made public, hackers scan the web in search for just those vulnerabilities. Hence it is recommended that sites get updated as soon as security updates are released, and ongoingly, at regular intervals.

Besides the security benefits of regular Drupal maintenance, module updates often enhance the functionality and performance of the site as well.