Mobile App Development Trends - 2021

This blog starts to cover a few of the top trends in the mobile application development industry, to help you make the most out of mobile apps in your business, into 2021 and beyond. We will continue to cover more of these trends in furture blogs as well.

Cognitive AI and Intelligent Chatbots

High-end Security Functionality

AI (artificial intelligence) has empowered mobile app development with speech recognition and facial detection capabilities. These capabilities have in turn allowed applications to incorporate high-end security functionality, identify scanned items through use of the camera, anticipate and recognize user behaviour. Chatbots have further increased the capability of an app, by allowing service providers to communicate in real-time without the need of human contact as well as providing uninterrupted customer support.

Apps for Flip Phones

Flip phones are seeing a re-surgence. Samsung and Huawei have their first range of folding smartphones out. Apps will now need to be tailored to these flip phones, necessitating an upsurge in compatible applications for this type of smartphone.

Mobile Wallets

Convenient Financial transactions

Mobile wallets enhance the customer experience. Android mobile apps like Google Pay and PhonePe have widely used payment gateways and mobile wallets. The objective in 2021 will be to improve accuracy and safety, as well as convenience in financial transactions.

On-Demand Apps

In America, figures show that 7.5 million people use on-demand smartphone apps. More than 40% of the world’s population own a smartphone, with the number increasing yearly. It is reported that 79% of people who work part-time use on-demand apps. This explosion of on-demand software will continue into 2021, fuelled by the changes to the traditional “working model” that Covid-19 has necessitated.