What are the uses of Drupal?

Whilst Drupal is suitable for any kind of website, we have put together a list of some of the most frequent types of sites which use the Drupal CMS as their framework.

Due to its flexibility and extensibility, Drupal is not limited to any one kind of website.

But here are some of the more frequent applications of Drupal:

  • Personal or corporate Web sites
  • Community portal sites
  • Intranet/Corporate sites
  • Blogs, art, portfolio, music, multimedia sites
  • Forums
  • International sites (websites with multi languages)
  • E-commerce sites
  • Resource directories
  • Social networking sites

Here are a few examples of some Drupal sites in action:

General Electric - https://www.ge.com/
Tesla Motors - https://www.tesla.com/
Nokia - https://www.nokia.com
Harvard Univeristy - https://www.harvard.edu/
The White House - https://www.whitehouse.gov/

If you are interested in seeing some more high profile Drupal websites check out the following link - https://www.educowebdesign.com/blog/insights/drupal-sites-51-examples-po...