What is Laravel and some of its benefits?

Laravel has become the most popular open-source PHP framework in the world. Built by Taylor Otwell and introduced in 2011, Laravel can be used to construct everything from small to enterprise- level applications.

"Laravel is the strongest contender in the PHP ecosystem simply because it includes the features needed to build modern web applications"-Taylor Otwell

Laravel has found favour with developers as it’s robust and easy to understand. It takes the pain out of development by easing common web development tasks such as caching, authentication, routing and sessions. Furthermore, developers can enjoy themselves with expressive and simple syntax. For developers familiar with PHP (core and advanced), Laravel simplifies the task and saves them time. Having the back-end API strictly separated from the UI allows developers to focus on the quality of their code as well.

Some other benefits of Laravel are:

  • open source - backed by a powerful community of developers and development companies
  • integrates easily with third party libraries, using Composer or Packagist
  • unit testing is supported out the box
  • great ORM and database layer
  • functional core can be extended
  • routing is easy and simple
  • powerful authentication and authorization
  • high security
  • multi-lingual app creator
  • Artisan Tool for command line
  • pre-installed powerful and lightweight template engine
  • separation of business logic code from presentation code with the use of MVC architecture
  • database migration -Laravel facilitates database expansion without re-creating it for every change