Why should I use Drupal Commerce?

So you want to sell your products on-line? There are a variety of eCommerce platforms available. In this post, we will give you 10 reasons why we believe Drupal Commerce is hard to beat at being one of the most flexible and desired eCommerce solutions for you.

Cost Effective

100% FREE

Drupal Commerce is open source software, hence it can be installed without the hassle of purchasing any license or recurring fees. You will also never be asked to pay for a “premium plug-in” or new module. This makes it an affordable eCommerce platform.

Mobile Ready

Your customers will be able to purchase from you whether on their PC, laptop or mobile device, without screen displays becoming unreadable or downright ugly. 

Allows Single Or Multiple Stores

Whether you have one or multiple stores, Drupal Commerce 2.x can meet your needs. It allows each store to have its own product types, currencies, taxes, contact information, cart, checkout, and more. 

Product Handling For All Types

NO Limitations- Just Great Flexibility

No matter your product type, simple or complex - eg: T-shirt with multiple colours and sizes or non-physical like tickets, subscriptions, digital content - Drupal Commerce 2.x is the one for you. Products with attributes such as colour, size, pattern etc are handled with ease as each combination of attributes is a product variation and has its own SKU, or machine-readable ID. This in turn makes stock and order management a breeze.   

Multiple Order Types

Multiple orders types with special workflows for each are allowed eg: selling tickets will need a different workflow to selling T-shirts. Order receipt emails are also very customizable.

Payment Flexibility

70+ Payment Gateways

Multiple payment providers are supported with customers being able to choose their preferred payment method from a predetermined list. Payment methods such as Cash on Delivery, Card on Delivery, Cheque, Bank Transfer, IPN (Instant Payment Notification) are supported too, whilst handy interfaces let you authorize, void, or refund the payments. Drupal Commerce is fully PCI compliant, so a hacker won’t be able to gain access to customer credit card details.   

Smart Support For Multiple Currencies & Taxes

Drupal Commerce lets you work with multiple currencies on one website, and/or customize your own currency. Likewise, taxes can be automatically calculated for you using pre-defined taxes for countries or you, the mechant, can choose special taxes. 

Flexible Promotions & Discounts

Happy Customers

Customers love promotions! With Drupal Commerce you can offer fixed or percentage based discounts and “3 for 2” type promotions. The conditions for promotions and discounts are yours to set.  

Flexible Checkout Options

Checkouts are where many customers loose their joy. However Drupal Commerce offers guest checkout, progress indication bars, the ability for users to checkout as a returning customer and reuse their previously entered information eg: addresses, contact details etc. Multiple checkout processes for different order types can be configured as well.  

Great Shipping Options

With Drupal Commerce you define your own rules as to shipping methods, which products are shippable and where to apply shipping charges. Flat rate-per-order, flat rate-per-item and weight based shipping are supported as well as condition based shipping.