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What is Vue and does it work well with Laravel?

VUE is a progressive JavaScript Framework for building user interfaces. Vue.js comes bundled in Laravel with other tools like Bootstrap and jQuery. At its core Vue focuses on the view layer of an application, however you can use Vue on its own to build clever single page applications as well.

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The Growth of E-Commerce in South Africa

Is the South African E-Commerce landscape growing? Definitely - although South Africa may be a little behind when it comes to online shopping, E-Commerce is making steady progress in the South African environment, with traditional retailers all starting to take on a web presence.

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The importance of Drupal Maintenance and Security

Many incorrectly think that maintaining a Drupal site is all about content management, user administration and configurations. Although not incorrect – this is incomplete.

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Why website security is important?

Everyday cyber and website attacks happen – in fact “Securityweek News” estimates that 18 500 000 sites are infected with malware at a given time each week- with the majority of the sites being legitimate, small businesses who unknowingly distribute the malicious code.

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What is Laravel and some of its benefits?

Laravel has become the most popular open-source PHP framework in the world. Built by Taylor Otwell and introduced in 2011, Laravel can be used to construct everything from small to enterprise- level applications.

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