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What are the uses of Drupal?

Whilst Drupal is suitable for any kind of website, we have put together a list of some of the most frequent types of sites which use the Drupal CMS as their framework.

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Understanding SEO?

Whilst most users equate SEO with higher search engine rankings, few understand how this is achieved through a holistic view of all the contributing elements. Lets see if we can make a bit more sense of SEO.

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Single Page vrs Multi-Page

You want a website, but do you go single page or multi-page in design? Deciding between the two can be tricky. Single page websites seem to be the trend, predominantly among owners looking for speed and simplicity.

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Google Analytics in a nutshell

If you are a web developer, blogger or owner of a website, Google Analytics is an invaluable, free tool which allows you to track your digital marketing effectiveness.

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What is Vue and does it work well with Laravel?

VUE is a progressive JavaScript Framework for building user interfaces. Vue.js comes bundled in Laravel with other tools like Bootstrap and jQuery. At its core Vue focuses on the view layer of an application, however you can use Vue on its own to build clever single page applications as well.

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