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The statistics for website attacks are alarming and the perception that attacks only target large organizations is untrue. Even a small website will receive around 50 attempted attacks in a day. A hacked website will deter visitors who are unlikely to return and will adversely affect your SEO which will continue to impact on site traffic, even after the hack is fixed. In a worse case scenario confidential client data could be compromised resulting in possible financial and legal consequences. The best way to ensure your site is not compromised is to perform regular maintenance, patching and updates of your core and third party modules. So YES, regular Website Maintenance is absolutely essential!

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Website Security & Maintenance Stats

The average number of website attacks per day
Number of hacked websites we have fixed in the last year
Average hours to fix a hacked website
Number of Drupal core updates released in 2019
Number of contributed updates released in 2019



How do we approach Drupal Maintenance?


Automated Alerts

As an active member of the Drupal community we are automatically notified of new security updates.

Routine Maintenance

Fixed maintenance schedules ensure core and contributed modules are updated at minimum intervals.

Pre-testing of Updates

All core updates are thoroughly researched and tested before they are deployed on Client websites.

Scripted Core Updates

We have developed our own scripts to automate the core update process and thus drastically reduce downtime.



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